IAIABC 2016 Annual Report

DAVIDTHREEDY president IAIABC executive secretary Washington Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

a note from THE PRESIDENT

IAIABC members and representatives traveled around the world in 2016, motivated to learn from others and share the great work of the Association. Many of the issues the IAIABC addresses, such as return to work, prevention of worker harm, disability management, and psychosocial cost of injury are shared throughout the world and the IAIABC took advantage of its international presence to share ideas and promote solutions across borders. At the end of 2016, the IAIABC Board of Directors set its strategic plan for 2017–2019. Our goals for the coming years include broadening the IAIABC sphere of influence; expanding educational offerings; promoting uniformity through EDI standards; and identifying, developing, and promoting result-oriented metrics. The Board looks forward to working closely with the rest of the IAIABC membership to work toward building and growing the IAIABC for now, and the future.

T he IAIABC had a successful and prosperous year in 2016, and I’d like to thank R.D. Maynard, Commissioner of the Idaho Industrial Commission, for his thoughtful leadership of the IAIABC during his presidency. 2016 contained many highlights for IAIABC members, including the coming together of hundreds of workers’ compensations professionals for the IAIABC National Conversations. Through National Conversations, we talked long and hard about the critical components of a workers’ compensation system and exchanged ideas on how the system could better serve its main stakeholders — injured workers and employers. The insights and ideas that came out of these National Conversations will help drive long-term change and improvement for workers’ compensation, as well as guide the future direction of the IAIABC.


“ ThroughNational Conversations, we talked long andhardabout the critical components of aworkers’ compensation system ”



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